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Creamy Paleo Quiche with Sausage and a Butternut Squash Crust!

Creamy Paleo Quiche with Sausage and a Butternut Squash Crust!

OMG – this is a delicious quiche that will be a hit with your family or guests!

When people hear the word ‘ quiche ’ they often think ‘ fancy ’, but I’m here to tell you that this paleo quiche is a whole lotta warm creamy goodness, stuffed into a pie shell, and I can’t get far enough past that to think about anything fancy!

Since it’s traditionally full of eggs, heavy cream and cheese it’s really nothing more than a moist, fluffy, incredibly delicious egg pie, and who doesn’t love pie, right? This creamy sausage paleo quiche with a butternut squash crust is absolutely delectable.

It has a warm, creamy center, with beautiful treasure pockets of Italian-seasoned sausage that satisfies the soul. This incredible dairy free quiche is gently cradled by a healthy sweet potato or butternut squash crust , that coincidentally tastes phenomenal! There’s a slight hint of sweet and salty in every bite.

I know your mouth is watering, so let’s dive in! How to Make Paleo Quiche.

Following the paleo diet plan doesn’t mean that crustless quiche is your only option Say goodbye to Whole30 crustless quiche (if you want to), they took away the best part!

Using butternut squash for the crust cuts those extra carbs without sacrificing flavor but sweet potatoes work well too. They both do an equally wonderful job of cradling the creamy goodness inside, and they taste fantastic! Oh, and did I mention that they are good-for-you nutritious?

Bonus points!
Eating this perfect paleo quiche awakens the senses for an experience that’s oh so satisfying!
The aromatic fragrance of fresh sage and Italian sausage beckons to your taste buds.

So , whether you need something new and refreshing to add to your paleo food list or you’re looking for some great paleo breakfast options, you’re going to love this paleo quiche.

Here’s how to throw it together: The Crust

Wash and peel your butternut squash or sweet potatoes.

Pro tip: Stick it in the microwave for just a few minutes. The skin will soften and start to pull away so you won’t have to worry about taking off a finger while hacking at the rough exterior.

Cut your squash or potato into ¼” slices (I like to do this with a mandolin slicer, but a sharp knife will do the trick as well) and toss in your oil. The oil will coat and protect your pie shell while enhancing the flavor
Overlap the slices in the pie dish — they’ll shrink as they cook Use the smallest slices around the edges Bake in a preheated oven for half an hour, or until tender to the touch with a fork The filling
Cook and drain the Italian sausage while the pie shell is baking
Sweat the onions in the same pan
Combine your eggs and coconut milk in a large bowl with your salt and pepper Add your cooled sausage and onions, and stir well before pouring the contents into your butternut squash or sweet potato-lined pan All the rest
Lower the oven temperature to 400 degrees, and bake your paleo quiche for 30 minutes, or until the center is set and the edges start to brown
Top with freshly chopped sage leaves for aromatic flavor that’ll bring this sausage paleo quiche to life!
Pro tip: Waiting is hard, especially when it smells this good, but your paleo quiche will slice better if you let it cool first
Making this perfect quiche recipe a permanent part of your paleo meal plan doesn’t require a lot of big changes to your paleo shopping list Thank goodness! Simple is always good, and once you try this paleo quiche, it’ll quickly become one of your absolute favorite paleo meals Low Carb Quiche for Meal Prep
For me, paleo meal prep is a necessity! We all lead crazy busy lives, and prepping ahead ensures you always have access to paleo diet foods, so you can stick to your meal plan without any excuses! Making this creamy sausage paleo quiche ahead of time gives you something you can grab and go It reheats quickly and easily No mess, no fuss Plus , it’s one of the best paleo lunch ideas ever!
Preparing this entire paleo quiche recipe only takes about 20 minutes, so you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen , but it’ll SURE taste like you did!
When you serve this low carb quiche fresh out of the oven, there won’t be any leftovers — so , if you’re planning to prep ahead for the week, make this paleo quiche in a casserole dish and double the ingredients
Reheating Keto Quiche
Reheating this tasty keto quiche is pretty simple, which makes it a great lunch option Just toss it in the microwave using 30 second intervals, or heat it in a toaster oven If you’re home and you need a mouth-watering paleo meal option, wrap that puppy in foil and reheat your keto quiche in a 325-degree oven for fifteen minutes

It’ll come out just as scrumptious as when you first made it.

Gluten Free Quiche Crust Options
If butternut squash or sweet potatoes aren’t your thing, you can modify this paleo quiche by using a handful of different gluten free quiche crusts that’re equally as savory as the original recipe.

Bacon is another crust option that’ll add deep rich flavor to your paleo quiche I mean, who doesn’t love bacon?
If you miss that light flaky crust that typically accompanies most quiches, then try my low carb pie crust recipe Just sub in ghee for the butter It’s truly a work of art
While the gluten free quiche crust options are many, you can take the safe route, and make it a crustless quiche instead!
Dairy Free Quiche Alternatives
This dairy free quiche recipe calls for full-fat coconut milk, which is creamier than many non-dairy alternatives
It adds that something extra, but it must be well-shaken before use Coconut milk tends to separate when it sits However , you can use any paleo or low carb milk you prefer — if dairy free isn’t your goal, you can also use heavy cream
There are a lot of dairy-free options, customize your paleo quiche to suit you Paleo Quiche Recipe
T his paleo quiche transforms well-chosen and wholesome ingredients into a savory, authentic flavor tour, that just happens to satisfy your hunger and nourish your body! This is one of the most classic pies of all time, it’s even suitable for dinner !
Obviously this paleo quiche is to die for, because I can’t stop talking about it…

Make sure you give this one a try.

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